Meet Walter, the boy behind the brand. At the age of 4 years old he created the Hippo drawing that would inspire the creation of this company.

His role will be primary to oversee the process that decides which designs from other artists are added to the collection, but he will occasionally add more of his work as well.

Instagram: @gifted_kid_artist


Meet Max! He began drawing at the age of 3 years old and joined the Juvenile Virtuoso team at the age of 11. 

He plays flag football and would like to be a cartoonist when we grows up!

 Follow him on social media!

Instagram: @drawwithmax

Youtube: Drawing With Max


Meet Benjamin! He is an avid "drawer" and joined Juvenile Virtuoso at the age of 14 years old. He is interested in pursuing his love character design and animation.

Ben is on the Autism spectrum and has been diagnosed with ADHD.  He comes to us through our affiliation with the Arts For Healing organization.


Meet Bora! He joined the Juvenile Virtuoso team at the age of 8.

He likes to sketch and make sculptures of mythological creatures, superheros, robots and animals. In addition, he loves to do any type of sport activity, whether it is soccer, rock climbing or swimming. He wants to make animation movies when we grows up!

Follow him on social media!

Instagram: @bor4rt


Arthur has been making & inventing things all his life, often with objects he collects wherever he goes.

In addition, he loves reading, math, nature & travelling and currently lives in Fiji.


Creativity and imagination

They run through your mind.

When they get there they twist and shout,

Dance and inspire you in every possible way.

But you can get rid of them if you copy or despise them.

If you do they will run away and find someone else.

- Arthur

Instagram: @made_by_arthur


Asher began to draw at the age of 4 and has been putting his imagination to pen and paper ever since.  He started taking private art lessons in January of 2019 to further develop his talent.  


When he's not drawing, Asher loves to read, play Minecraft, or spend time outside.  He joined the JV team at age 7.  


Instagram: @ashers_drawings


Sati is an artist from Israel.

She loves to create art and joined the Juvenile Virtuoso team at 6 years old.

It’s doesn’t matter to her what to draw up, because she is interested in the Huge Surrounding World .

“Earth without art is just eh..”- it’s about Sati!

Instagram: @sativolokin


Evan is a creative kid with a heart for the nature. He likes observing bugs throughout their life cycles. 


Evan also likes sports very much. He plays soccer and practices martial arts routinely. At home, he enjoys drawing together with his father and making stories for the characters he draws.

Evan joined the Juvenile Virtuoso team at 9 years old.  He is from Taiwan but currently lives in Japan with his parents due to his father's work. 

Instagram: @little_wonder_land_

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