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6 Charities for Children That Need Your Help

Charities do great work, but those that work with kids are close to our hearts. Learn which charities for children we think you'll love.

A measure of a healthy, moral society is how well it takes care of its most vulnerable: children. If we can't take care of our children, how can we say we're the greatest country in the world?

Currently, 21% of the nation's children live in poverty, so we've got a lot of work to do. If you want help ease the lives of children most in need of resources, you can donate to one of these 6 great charities for children.

The 6 Best Charities For Children

The non-profit industry can be shady. Some organizations lie about where the money is going or embellish certain aspects of their business, but these following charities are reputable and trustworthy.

1. Kaboom

Playtime is important for children, and having a safe place to roam is crucial. Kaboom is a non-profit organization that teams up with corporate partners to rebuild dilapidated playgrounds in cities across the country.

Building costs about $55,000 according to Kaboom, so they'll need your financial support.

2. Newborns in Need

Baby clothing is ludicrously expensive at traditional fashion retailers, and it puts impoverished mothers and children in a financial bind. Newborns in Need aims to remedy this situation by providing free clothing and blankets to impoverished and preemie babies.

3. Parents as Teachers

Poor parents often struggle to give adequate, consistent parenting due to a myriad of factors from working multiple jobs to being financially insecure.

Parents as Teachers aims to provide staff that visits needy families and gives them much-needed help around the house as well as advice on caregiving to disadvantaged parents.

4. Project Linus

Everyone loves blankets. And kids that are ill or have trauma in their lives need a security blanket.

Project Linus is a non-profit organization that recruits volunteers from all walks of life to create homemade blankets with a variety of sizes and styles. So far, the organization has provided 673,000 blankets to children in need.

5. Children Incorporated

Children Incorporated is an international organization that aims to help children from all over the world, regardless of their economic situation. They help feed, clothe and house children through a variety of ways.

In the U.S., the organization serves inner-city kids, Native American populations, and the rural Appalachians specifically.

6. Project Night Night

Currently, 1.5 million American kids are homeless.

Based in San Francisco and Cleveland, Project Night Night aims to give kids living out of homeless shelters some added comfort. The organization sends care packages to homeless children in the form of canvas tote bags carrying security blankets, books, and stuffed animals.

The organization delivers 25,000 a year but are looking to increase their output.

Ready to Donate?

If you're looking to make a difference in the lives of children in need of help, any one of these charities for children is a good start.

If you're looking to support children even further, consider checking out our clothing. Our designs are made by children and 10% of every sale goes to Arts for Healing, a charitable organization that uses integrated art and music therapy to help people in need.

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