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8 Ways Printed T-Shirts Are Changing the World

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

While T-shirts are everywhere now, and in nearly every closet in the world, do you want to know a secret?

T-shirts as we know them are actually pretty new on the fashion scene--just over 100 years old, in fact!

But what started as a cool new trend in 1910 has now become the #1 way to make a statement--any statement--in 2018. Not only do they make an obvious fashion statement, but printed T-shirts are actually being used to change the way the world thinks!

If you figure that's pretty awesome stuff, then we'd agree. Keep reading for eight ways we use printed tees to silently change the world.

1. Bring What's Going on Inside, Out

One of the best ways to showcase your style is by wearing printed T-shirts. When you pick a slogan or image you love and put it on, you're instantly identifying yourself as an individual.

Maybe you're a die-hard music fan and those beats are your life. Or perhaps you're a work in progress but are shedding those extra lbs like crazy.

Whatever's important to you on the inside, say it on the outside with the right printed tee.

2. Promote the Cause You Love

If you've got a charity you think is amazing, and want to tell the world about it, then a T-shirt's the way to go.

T-shirts that support charities make a huge difference in monthly donations to those charities, but they do something even more important. They help educate their audience or prompt them to find out more.

Once people understand the cause and the reasons behind it, they'll be able to help the sufferers and can live more mindfully, too.

3. Get People Reading Again

If you've ever traveled on a bus, train or subway, then be honest: How often do you see an actual book these days?

Mobile devices and reading apps have taken over the booklover's world. How can we help others remember how good it feels to hold a much-loved book in your hands, trace its worn out, creased spine and take a whiff of its musky scent?

A great way to show which camp you're in is with a T-shirt printed with your favorite book. Some companies use the proceeds of their literary garments to gift books to those who can't afford to buy these treasures themselves.

4. And Talking Again

LOL. K. TTYL. *insert emoji here*

Ever feel like we're losing the art of communication? We've had mobile devices for so long now, it may just feel normal to post your status without speaking a word. But actually, forgetting how to have one-on-one conversations is a real, growing concern.

The images and slogans that printed T-shirts bear can make people stop and think. Do you have an ethos or something you want to talk about? Get a T-shirt to match and it'll start the conversation for you.

5. Break the Ice on Health Issues

You lost your hair from cancer. Or that you can't be around peanuts because they might kill you. Or, you struggle with large crowds because you suffer from anxiety.

No matter the health issue, having to broach the subject every single day can be wearing.

With a printed T-shirt, though, you can tell people the thing you're having to deal with every day, without having to make small-talk around it. Instead, you can have proper, constructive conversations without the awkwardness.

6. Bring Some Art to the Streets Every Day

Almost nothing divides people like art does, and yet the feeling of pride an art-lover has in a favorite piece is priceless.

When your T-shirt has been printed with a unique piece of artwork you've fallen in love with, though, you can proudly show off your taste to the world.

We need art in our lives. From the beautiful to the impressive, the dark to the thought-provoking, wearing custom artwork on your printed T-shirt will have an impact on the world around you.

7. Meet Likeminded People Without Having to Lift a Finger (or Mobile Device)

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have one major thing in common: It's easy to find people on them who like the same things as you.

As our lists of virtual friends grows and grows, though, the amount of actual human interactions we have is reducing.

Printed T-shirts do something amazing, though. They get people who are interested in the same things talking.

Are you on a hardcore keto diet and feel like fellow keto'ers are the only ones that "get" you? Maybe you beat cancer, and love meeting fellow victors. Or do you just love to eat and want the world to know you're a dedicated foodie?

Printed T-shirts will do the same job your social media profile does. It'll introduce you to people, and some of them will like the same things as you. And you'll make real-life friends.

All from a T-shirt.

8. Make a Stranger Smile

We'll end with the most simple yet poignant way that printed T-shirts are changing the world.

It's easy to be sad. The news is sad. Sad things happen in life. People can be mean.

But a printed tee can help you do something magical. Without a single word, you can make someone else smile.

There are plenty of witty slogans and phrases out there, so find a T-shirt that tickles you and wear it. Now, see if anyone else appreciates the joke. It's easy to see this point in action--it's changing the world and it can change you, too.

Be Part of the Change with Printed T-Shirts

From its trendy beginnings as the cool new fashion piece, the printed tee is now an essential part of our wardrobe. Whether you're male or female, young or of a more mature vintage, printed T-shirts are not only silent and stunning but can speak volumes, too.

If you want to start a conversation, support a worthy cause, show off your artistic leanings, or simply want to bring a smile to someone's face, then buy yourself some printed T-shirts and change the world--one tee at a time.

Do you want to give to a good cause while wearing a hand-drawn work of art? Then check out our range of printed T-shirts here.

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