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What We Can Learn from Kid Entrepreneurs

Kid entrepreneurs are some of the most innovative people in the business market. Learn how to emulate their success here.

Are you looking for the key to a successful business? The answer isn't in that hundredth self-help book. It's in the words and lives of kid entrepreneurs.

These kids started a business with no MBA, no education, and no wall-street backers but that didn't stop them. See what you can learn from these young kids below.

Giving Back is The Key to Success

Out of all the kid entrepreneurs we studied for this article, there wasn't one that didn't give to charity. Most of them, in fact, started their company with a philanthropic cause in mind.

Is giving away money a good business practice? Ask Mikaila from Me and The Bees. She donates to three different non-profits and got an investment on Shark Tank.

It wasn't just her cute face or tasty lemonade that made them invest. A study found that 94% of people would switch brands if proceeds went to charity.

Did Mikaila know this at age four? No. Giving back is a natural behavior and like nature, we need to nurture it.

Good Ideas Don't Care About Age

When Mikaila started Me and The Bees, she was four. Cory Nieves of Mr. Cory's Cookies was six and Alina Morse of Zollipops was 7.

None of them thought, "I'm a kid so this is a dumb idea". Or if they did, it was fleeting. They had confidence in their mission and with help and encouragement, they followed through.

They didn't second guess themselves and they persevered. Now, look at them go!

Talk to Everyone Who Will Listen

Of the kids, most of them have been on Good Morning America, Shark Tank, or other nationwide shows.

Even though they were a fourth of the age of the other cast members, they knew their idea was worthwhile.

But they didn't start there. At first, they told their friends, their parents friends, and talked to people at grocery stores. Their little voices didn't waiver and it took them all the way to the top!

Start With Something You Love

Sebastian of Are You Kidding loves socks. He's loved them all his life and had an extensive personal collection. He's now the CEO and director of sales of a kid-run sock company.

This eight-year-old followed through on what everyone's always told us in life, "do what you love".

Through making his obsession a business, he's been able to create socks for and donate to at least five different organizations.

Solve a Problem

Alina Morse found a hole in the market in the most relatable way, she wanted candy but didn't want all the sugar.

Instead of getting pissed that there weren't better options, she asked around for ingredient ideas then created one.

Her problem solving sugar-free lollipops got her invited to the White House for Kudos from Michele Obama.

Kid Entrepreneurs #1 Secret

What do all these kids have in common? They were confident and brave enough to carry out their ideas and this is what led to them becoming successful kid entrepreneurs.

They didn't come up with something and think, no, that'll be too much work. They said hey, I want to do this! and they figured out how along the way.

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