Thank You So Much!


Thank You

We had a great run!!!

We appreciate your support during this journey and were honored to have the opportunity to help kids show their creativity.

We are sad to say goodbye to Juvenile Virtuoso but we are excited to see what the future holds!

Follow along and see what comes next for Walter at Gifted_Kid_Artist on Instagram!



Welcome to JV Wear,


We are pleased that you have found our small family owned t-shirt company that seeks to capture the striking beauty of our world through the fresh eyes of child artists.

Each t-shirt design starts with the crisp perspective of a child artist allowing us to slow down our spinning world a bit so that we can see it more distinctly. We use our hands to guide these beautiful designs to high quality t-shirts, responsibly sourced and expertly delivered.  Each graphic t-shirt design has been hand picked, and approved, by Walter prior to production. He is our son and created the Hippo drawing when he was just 4 years old.

Please join us in this mission and look good while doing it.


Thank you again,

The Juvenile Virtuoso Team


The Boy Behind the Brand

Meet Walter. At the age of 4 years old he created the Hippo drawing that would ignite this unique t-shirt brand. Since then he has amassed an impressive following on Instagram and continues to hone his craft. His primary role will be to oversee the process that decides which designs from other artists are added to our cool t-shirt collection, but he will occasionally offer his own artwork. You can follow his personal art on Instagram at @Gifted_Kid_Artist. 

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